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Climate Controlled Self Storage Units

Climate Controlled Self Storage Units

Help Protect Your Valuables From The Elements With Climate Controlled Storage Units At Storage Master

Wisconsin has extreme temperatures that can range from minus 30° F in February to more than 100° F in August. These dramatic temperature swings can cause condensation and can ruin your electronics with corrosion, cause musical instruments to warp, wood furniture to crack, or books and documents to yellow or mold. For added protection of your valuables, you should consider renting a climate controlled storage unit. Storage Master has more than 2,000 climate control units in many sizes at these locations in Milwaukee and Waukesha county:

Bay View Climate Controlled Storage
Franklin Climate Controlled Storage
Milwaukee Climate Controlled Storage
New Berlin Climate Controlled Storage

In addition, each of our locations offer large, covered loading areas to keep you and your belongings covered and protected from the elements while unloading your belongings.

Climate Controlled Storage Units – The Difference

Climate controlled units are typically found in enclosed buildings equipped with heating and cooling systems. This keeps these indoor storage units at a safe temperature regardless of whether it’s below freezing or above 90 degrees outside. Climate control units also tend to be cleaner, provide better control of humidity, and decrease the presence of dust and bugs. Storage Master is the leading provider of storage units with climate control in Wisconsin.

Protect Your Fragile Items With Climate Controlled Self Storage

When choosing a self-storage unit, consider the fragility of the belongings you want to store. Some things to consider are:
  • Would exposure to moisture cause damage to my items?
  • Would mildew or mold grow on my belongings in a non-climate controlled environment?
  • Are my belongings likely to be damaged by freezing weather, or hot and muggy weather?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, climate controlled storage is your best option.

Items to Consider Storing in a Climate Controlled Storage Environment:

  • Musical Instruments
  • Photographs/ Artwork/ Portraits
  • Electronics- Cameras, Computers, Stereo Equipment
  • Records, Tapes, Cds
  • Clothing
  • Sensitive/ Important Documents
  • Indoor Furniture
  • Machinery / Tool and Die Equipment
  • All items of Sentimental Value
Give Storage Master a call. We are happy to consult with you so that you make the right storage decision for your items! Check out our Storage Tips here as well for your move in.